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Service Promise

The hands-on style of management of this family business marks the level of personal care and involvement over every aspect of the production process to delivering reliability and consistency in product quality. This is the hallmark of AGRIFresh’s commitment to quality at the heart of our Service Promise to ensure high customer satisfaction. 

To this end, we started by implementing a precisely designed advanced fertigation system, that allows us to “pull and push” the crop to obtain the desired size, taste and variety of citrus produce to meet different markets demands. Next step: by installing on-site packing facilities at both orchards, we are able to quality control the ”cold chain” from the delivery of fresh fruit produce from orchard to market floor. 
Most importantly, we are proud to have achieved HACCP certification for AGRIFresh Summergold, with the larger Citrus orchard targeted to complete certification by the first half of 2013. HACCP, or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, is the internationally recognised standard in developing and maintaining a systematic preventative approach to food safety. 

This HACCP certification is key to the success of our Grow, Pack and Market strategy, and the centerpiece of the AGRIFresh Service Promise. 

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